Baidoa: A Call of Duty “Professor Mohamed Haji Mukhtar (Taariikh Xanbaarsan Dhacdooyin Lama Ilaabaan Ah)

img_1064Moment  History Society  – 20 JAN 2017: – Dr. Mohamed Haji Mukhtar, Once an unquiet humanist warned wisely that those who cannot remember the past are destined to relive it. To this outrageous and joyfully ignored truth, an anonymous saying goes like this: “wise people learn from other people’s errors; intelligent people learn from their own; fools never learn.”

It seems that Somalis are NOT learning from lessons of their own history because as an anonymous said also: “they were listening the first time.” It is beyond comprehension to see government sponsored violence on the people and the city of Baidoa. It is outrageous to see AMISOM troops firing live ammunition to innocent people. It is unbelievable to hear that Somali government ordered its national and international troops to shut down the very venue that Baidoans have been debating in a peaceful manner on the fate of their people in particular and that of Somalia in general.

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Somalia: dall’indipendenza del 1960 agli orrori di “Black Hawk down

imageSomalia: dall’indipendenza del 1960 agli orrori di “Black Hawk down”

Scheda 1 / La storia tormentata di un Paese uscito dal colonialismo mezzo secolo fa e che non è mai riuscito ad arrivare ad un assetto pacifico e definitivo
<B>Somalia: dall’indipendenza del 1960<br>agli orrori di “Black Hawk down” </B>
Una scena del film Black Hawk Down

Novembre 1949: L’Assemblea generale delle Nazioni Unite approva un piano che assegna all’Italia i suoi ex domini coloniali in Somalia. Si tratta di un’amministrazione fiduciaria, per un periodo di dieci anni (1950-1960), in vista della concessione dell’indipendenza. Continue reading

The Year 1961 in History

img_0628The Year 1961 in History
Moment Research Consultancy 

Monday December 26, 2016 – The second major event which took place in 1961 was of political nature. While the country was still in the grip of its worst natural disaster, the Minister of Health and Labour, Sceikh Ali Giumale was relieved of his duties on November 30, 1961 following long standing feud with the Prime Minister, Abdirascid Ali Scermarche. Continue reading

Samir Tariikh Ah: Moment Research Consultancy

Sawirka dhinaca sare ee bidix :
Korneel Abdalla, Gen Da’uud, mahamed haji mumin, cadami, abdalla haaji, Siad Barre, mudeey mursal and ceyneyshe.
Sawirka hoos bidix :
liiqliiqato, abdi jeelle, Dobiyo, mohamed Abshir, abdirahiin mumin, Hussein kulmiye and sanuri


Documents reveal Britain made secret deal to defend Kenya in

img_0577Saturday December 24 2016 A member of the General Service Unit in Kula Mawe, North Eastern Province during an operation against shiftas. PHOTO | COURTESY
A member of the General Service Unit in Kula Mawe, North Eastern Province during an operation against shiftas. 

In Summary

Without making any concrete commitment, Mr Sandys had told Kenya’s new government that in case of an attack by Somalia, it was probable that Britain would intervene.

Somalia, which was then considered to have one of the region’s most powerful armies equipped with sophisticated Soviet-made weapons, had threatened to annex the north eastern part of Kenya in pursuit of its Greater Somalia policy.

Britain made a secret undertaking in 1967 to defend Kenya in case of an invasion by Somalia, declassified documents recently released from the Prime Minister’s office in London reveal.

The deal, known as the “Bamburi Understanding”, was a reassurance following a non-committal statement made by Mr Duncan Sandys, the British Secretary of State for the Colonies, in 1964. Continue reading

National Museum of Somalia

img_0276National Museum of Somalia

The National Museum of Somalia is a national museum in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. It was established in 1934 by the colonial authorities in Italian Somaliland. Old Garesa Museum The building is a two story tall and dates back to 1872. It was built at the request of the Sultan of Zanzibar, Barghash ibn Sa’id as a residence for the Governor of Mogadishu, Suleiman bin Hamed after he received… Continue reading

Dorraad ” Somali Culture “