imageMoment History Society -, It is doubtful anyone would disagree the aforementioned. The current fate of our country which you have wonderfully summarized has reminded me of the French teenager Joan of Arc (1412-1431), that was covered in my high school English literature. During the early fifteen century, the French people have lost their patriotism and felt no strong national identity. Essentially at the time feudal landlords controlled several regions. These regions were allied with the English who controlled the present day France. The French King Charles, did not have power and was subordinate to both these fiefdoms and the Roman Catholic Church. The King governed only a few provinces within the central and southern areas of France. In 1429, if the English troops had captured the city of Orleans, they would have controlled the whole French territory. Faced with this demoralizing fact of life, the French King Charles was unable to mobilize the French forces to fight the English. This is when it was said that a 17 year old woman, Joan of Arc, stood up and strongly identified with her French heritage. She said, “we are all subject to the King of Heavens; and He gave us our countries and our languages, and meant us to keep them. You must not think about your duty to your feudal lord, but about your duty to God. I will teach them the French soldiers all to fight that the will of God may be done in France. There will be but one King there: no the feudal English kings, but God’s French one”. Joan has believed that God had chosen her to lead France to victory which she did. Joan has convinced the King to let her lead the French soldiers and he did. The rest was history. Joan was able to defeat the English to free France. The moral of the story is we are not the only one who have experienced the situation we are in today. The solution can also come from anywhere and what we think is hard to penetrate can vanish like a bubble burst. Keep on writing to challenge us, my brother.


Do the Somali people know that they do not have to put up with corrupt leaders? leaders who associate themselves with the enemies of the people of Somalia, they do not need to put up with un educated and unenlightened religious leaders who hide behind veils and brain washed our youngsters who never grew up as people with rights and never seen a just government who cares about its people and their welfare; Somalis do not need to put up with International organizations and Non governmental agencies who live off the destruction of Somalia and its under development. The UN other international organizations must stop testing their new medicines and unorthodox, untested theories of development on Somalia and restrain their peacekeepers who kill innocent people and look after their own interest. Somalia does not need Arab countries who supply weapons to the people of Somalia as Aid. Somalia does not need neighbors who interfere with the internal affairs of its nation or its territorial integrity. Somalia does not need Diaspora who go back to the country only to benefit themselves. Somalia does not need liars, cheaters, haters and people with hidden agenda. What Somalia needs is good governance, transparency, justice, caring for the needy, patriotic leaders, visionaries, business risk takers, honest religious teachers, fair election.
Farah Amalo


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